Returned Home

Today’s Encouragement is Luke 23:48 ESV And all the crowds that had assembled for this spectacle, when they saw what had taken place [the crucifixion], returned home beating their breasts.

Returned home – 

Imagine His followers’ shock, horror, disappointment, grief, sorrow, emptiness, and complete despair, especially the disciples.  Their leader, master, friend – arrested, tried, beaten, crucified, dead.   Three years of following, listening, questioning, and finally coming to sincere faith in This Man… all crushed! 

Turning from Golgotha, they slowly returned home, heads hung in sorrow, fears creeping in, “What if I’m next?” “Was it all for nothing?” “How could this be the end?”

Gathering together in their grief, they wept, mourned, and perhaps… those with the strongest faith – prayed.  

My friends, this is the Friday-Saturday experience. And we too may be in similar despair, questioning our trials and trying circumstances, even our very faith… but whatever we may be facing… remember… Sunday’s Coming!   

And for us who believe… Sunday Has Come!  Christ is Risen! And in this, all our hope resides…

Thank You Father for the Resurrection!  The essential truth of our Faith!  

(please don’t miss this!!) 

Sunday’s Coming

SM Lockridge

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