A Clear Distance

Today’s Encouragement is Joshua 3:4 NLT Since you have never traveled this way before, they will guide you. Stay about half a mile behind them, keeping a clear distance between you and the Ark. Make sure you don’t come any closer.”

A Clear Distance –

The nation was to follow the Ark of the Covenant which symbolized God’s Divine Presence, but to remain ‘a clear distance’ away, because the Ark was Most Holy and God’s people were not.  They could not come close to the Ark. 

Fast forward a few centuries to the time of Christ, the New Testament period. And consider: James 4:8a NLT Come close to God, and God will come close to you.

And Hebrews 10:19 NLT And so, dear brothers and sisters, we can boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy Place because of the blood of Jesus.

We, as God’s chosen people, could not come closer than a half mile to the Symbol of God’s Presence… until Jesus! And now ‘because of the blood of Jesus’ we can now ‘enter the Most Holy Place’ and do so boldly! 

Friends we are unwise to think we are dirty, filthy, sinners who must crawl on our knees before an angry God of Judgment.

No!  We have been recreated, covered, and cleansed by the blood of Jesus and now can come into His Presence as His dearly loved children… with confidence and courage and strength!

Because of Jesus!

Thank You Jesus for the Blood

Charity Gayle

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