Only in the Lord

Today’s Encouragement is Isaiah 45:24a ESV “Only in the LORD, it shall be said of me, are righteousness and strength.

Only in the Lord –

We’ve been very blessed to grow up in a time, and in a nation where righteousness and strength were commonly accepted truths.  Our own national righteousness- the laws of the land, law enforcement, the court systems our national government all seemed to be pretty well ‘right’ and perfect… righteous to use the biblical term.  Our nation was strong militarily, financially, and morally, or so it seemed.  We believed in our government, and our system of justice, and we’re proud to be here! 

Sure, a few bad apples came along from time to time but the righteousness of our system of government prevailed and those apples were quickly identified and disposed of. 

Then our eyes were opened.  At some point, we began to see that things ain’t quite as perfect as they seemed, and we soon became dissatisfied, and for some, disillusioned with our nation. 

Is it possible my friends that this realization that – ‘things ain’t as perfect as I once thought’ is a necessary aspect of maturity?   That we must see the truth of this broken world before we can recognize there must be a better way, something that is higher, more true, more right (righteous) than our ‘system’?

Today’s Encouragement teaches us that it is Only in the Lord that righteousness and strength reside! Only Him!  Not our own certainly, and not our nation, not any other thing… only in Our God! As believers we have already stepped into God’s righteousness, His kingdom of grace and forgiveness and mercy and love. 

Father, we realize that not in ourselves, nor other people, and not our nation or any other thing, but only You are Righteous and Strong.  We choose to trust in You.

Broken World

The Talleys

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