More on Our Side

Today’s Encouragement is 2 Kings 6:16 NLT “Don’t be afraid!” Elisha told him. “For there are more on our side than on theirs!”

More on our side-

In 2 Kings 6:6-23, another wonderful story of God’s protection, power, and grace is told.  Don’t miss it!

In the face of complete disaster, with all hope gone, surrounded by insurmountable strength, certain death looming… God opens his eyes to the spiritual world (v17) and he could see God’s armies and His ‘chariots of fire’!

Let me ask you friends, was this a ‘once-upon-a-time, long-ago, nice-little-Bible-story’ event?  Or is it possible that … the armies of God, His chariots of fire, His Power and Might, are just as real today as thousands of years ago? 

Is it possible right this moment, that as you pray for God’s strength for the battles you are facing today, that God’s armies, His chariots of fire are standing ready, that His Power is just as present, just as real, as in Elisha’s day?  Does God change? Does He withhold any good thing from His dearly loved people? Has He promised never to leave us nor forsake us? 

We fight our battles on our knees Lord. We do not have the strength to win over the enemies we face.  Thank You that we can completely rely on You!  That You will fight for us! (Ex 14:14)


Michael W Smith

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