The Love of Christ

Today’s Encouragement is Ephesians 3:19a NLT May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully.

The Love of Christ –

In this inspired and inspiring prayer (v14-19) we find the goal, the purpose, and the highest gift of God.

He prayed:

“May you experience the love of Christ” – not ‘may you be really good people’, not ‘may you know and abide by all the rules,’ not ‘may you be really happy and comfy all your days’…

But “May you experience the Love of Christ”!  What greater blessing could anyone have, or pray for another?  To experience the Love of Christ?  There is no greater gift!!

He continues, “though it is too great to understand fully”- Our human understanding, even the wisest who ever lived, cannot fully understand, fully grasp the complete depths of the Love of Christ.  We now ‘know only in part but we will know more’ (1 Cor 13:12) as we grow in faith and ultimately, we will know fully when we are present with Him in Eternity.

My friend, Jesus loves you! He knows everything about you, and still, He Loves You!

As Believers, we do now, already, know the Love of Christ, we’ve accepted His free gift of Salvation, and we are His…

And yet, this passage reveals… we ain’t seen nothing yet! 

The Love of Christ is far beyond, far greater, far deeper than what we now know!

Father this is our prayer, that we may experience the Love of Christ, and grow in understanding of His Love. And as we worship You together with this song, may we again ‘Experience the Love of Christ’. We ask in Jesus’ Name.

Amazing Love

Graham Kendrick

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