Pray like this

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 6:9 NLT [Jesus said] Pray like this: Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.

Pray like this –

Jesus was a teacher, but so much more!  He was the embodiment of God in human form.  So much more than just a teacher… but here He is doing just that… teaching His disciples to pray. Wouldn’t it be wise for us to learn – what He taught – about how we should pray?

Our Father in Heaven.  God is supreme, above all, He is our Father, and fathers love and care for, protect and provide for, and teach and develop their children. 

May Your Name be kept Holy – Holy means pure, perfect, set apart, revered, respected, and sacred.  His name is Holy because He is Holy, and we must remember this in our prayer. While we can talk with our loving Father in honesty and trust, it’s always good to recognize in our hearts and minds that – He is God, we ain’t!  We are free to come to Him at any time with any need or question or just to be present with Him… yet He is still Holy.

Our Father, thank You that, by the blood of Christ we are welcomed into Your presence in prayer.  Help us to recognize Your Holiness and the great privilege You have given us, ordinary sinful people who are washed clean by Jesus.  And help is to come to You often, praying without ceasing.

Agnus Dei (Lamb oh God)

Michael W Smith

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