But the Lord

Today’s Encouragement is Genesis 39:21 ESV “But the LORD was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love and gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.”

But the Lord –

Joseph was righteous! He refused the advances of his master’s wife, although she tempted him day after day (v10). So, she falsely accused him, and Joseph went to prison. 

This man of God who had been sold into slavery by his brothers (without cause) now was in prison (without cause).

Friends, Joseph had ‘every right’ to be bitter, angry even! He was honoring God, refusing sin, and yet – still punished! 

‘But the Lord!’  As some say today, ’But God!’  God isn’t finished, the story isn’t over yet!

Joseph is rescued from prison miraculously and made the second most powerful ruler of Egypt,

But… Joseph had been in prison, still innocent, for two years (Gen 41:1)! During those two long years in prison, Joseph could easily have chosen bitterness, doubted God cared or even existed, and decided it was useless to follow Gods ways. He had twice suffered greatly for his faithfulness… but he didn’t doubt or get angry at God!  The word says nothing about his own internal struggles, all we see is his faithfulness… even when that very faithfulness led to suffering.

“But the Lord”!  God was with him, in prison, and before prison, and after prison… the Lord was with him!

Father, we thank you that just as You were with Joseph in good and bad times, You are also with us!  Help each of us, Father, to continue to choose to abide in You, in Your Love, to choose to trust You regardless of our circumstances or the cost!

The Cause of Christ

Kari Jobe

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