Store your treasures

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 6:20 NLT Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.

Store your treasures –

In Heaven? How do we do that Lord? I have a few things that I would consider to be my “treasures”.   Recently we were briefly threatened by a brush fire nearby, and it caused me to give a few moments thought to my “treasures”!  First, I thought of my precious wife, then a few ‘things’ that are important to me… these seem to be my earthly treasures.

Yet Jesus clearly is not speaking of storing up our earthly things in heaven…  so, it must be ‘things’ which are not of this world, not anything physical.   So what are these treasures, and how do we store them up in heaven, and then- Why?  What use will we have in heaven for these “treasures”?

Is it possible my friends, that the only treasures we could possibly store in heaven… are what Jesus was speaking about in this ‘sermon on the mount’?  He has just taught about giving to the needy, prayer, forgiving, fasting, and about not doing any of these things to be seen by others, but to do these things in secret so that God alone knows the good we have done.  Love God and love others… this alone stores up treasure for us in heaven!

And so, in this manner my friends, we store treasures in heaven.

And why?  It only seems reasonable that these treasures will have value to us… eternally… in heaven these are our true and lasting treasures.

Help us recognize Lord, that You, doing Your will, loving You and loving others… is our true and eternal Treasure!

My Worth is not in What I Own

Fernando Ortega & Gettys

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