We have come to know

Today’s Encouragement is 1 John 4:16a ESV So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us.

We have come to know –

This phrase implies a development, the creation of an idea, a concept, and finally a belief, a confident assurance… of the Love which God has for us. 

For some, this recognition is immediate and for others a gradual process… but however we may come to this understanding, the truth is astounding.

God loves you! 

Can you pause for a divine moment at that statement?

God… our Creator, the Almighty, and Father of all…

Loves … with perfect Love…

You… just as you (and I) are, sinful, yet washed to purity by the sacrifice of Jesus.

God Loves You!

Have you come to confidently know this truth yet? Is it still developing?  Are you certain of this truth?  Is it possible that we never fully comprehend the depth of God’s Love for us? That in the growing love relationship which we have with Him, we might be able to continually see new evidence of His Love?  Like a romantic spouse who leaves love notes throughout the house, doing kind things, preparing a favorite meal, cleaning up a mess they didn’t make… numerous other expressions of Love… ongoing, never ceasing, ever growing, ever giving, ever Loving… there is evidence all around us of His unending love.

We grow in our understanding of His Perfect Love for us, as we …come to know… how great is His love, active and alive today!

Loving Father, open our eyes to see, help us continue, every day, to come to know and believe that You truly do continually Love us! You are Unending Love; You are Perfect Love.  Thank You for the way that You Love us!

How Great is the Love

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