Patiently endure

Today’s Encouragement is James 1:12 NLT God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

Patiently endure-

We all know some folks, perhaps it is ourselves, who complain loudly and freely, to anyone and everyone, when they are hurting, experiencing difficulties, or discomfort.  They’re not happy and they want to make sure everyone is well aware of their undeserved suffering! 

This response to difficulty is natural. It’s a very human, but self-centered response.  “I want my way… and this is not it!” 

God’s wisdom for us describes what He desires from His children, “Patiently endure [both] testing and temptation.” And notice that He blesses those who endure… with the “crown of life”!

Now it is only possible to ‘endure with patience’ the many, varied, and sometimes unimaginable, difficulties and temptations of this life… when we focus our hearts and minds beyond this day, this moment, this painful experience, which we are presently confronting face to face. 

(Now this seems contrary to the idea of being grateful for, and living just today, allowing God to hold tomorrow and not worry about the future… but it isn’t the same.)

The endurance of pain – must focus on – the hope for tomorrow. This pain shall pass, this will ultimately end, I must endure this for this day… yet I am trusting God and hoping for a better tomorrow. This is patient endurance.

Father God, we need Your help, Your strength, to be able to endure with patience. We cannot do this in our own strength.  Help us to honor You by trusting that You will bring us through the many trials of this life, with patient endurance.

While I Wait

Lincoln Brewster

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