The very word

Today’s Encouragement is 1 Thessalonians 2:13 NLT “Therefore, we never stop thanking God that when you received his message from us, you didn’t think of our words as mere human ideas. You accepted what we said as the very word of God-which, of course, it is. And this word continues to work in you who believe.”

The very word –

Paul expressed gratitude to God and to the church because they accepted the message as God’s Word, His Truth, and not as ‘mere human ideas’. 

What do you think? Is this true for us?  Do we accept this message, as it is recorded in the Bible, handed down through the centuries… as God’s own Words?  Or is this book filled with ‘mere human ideas?’ 

If it is ‘mere human ideas’ then it’s perfectly fine to ignore the parts we don’t like, to pick and choose what we will believe and what we consider to be errors or outdated ideas…

But my friends that is a slippery slope… because once you remove one passage, one concept… the next removal comes easier, and then we begin to erode the virtual foundation of our Faith.  Where does such ‘human editing’ cease?  Sadly, it cannot end, except in humanizing the entire message.

Rather than sliding down this slippery slope into mediocrity and ultimately, disbelief… the alternative is Belief- acceptance of this message as ‘the very word of God’!

Father God, help your children to cling to Your Truth, as Your Very Word! Help us choose to Believe YOU!

The Word of God

Vertical worship

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