Let these others go

Today’s Encouragement is John 18:8 NLT “I told you that I AM he,” Jesus said. “And since I am the one you want, let these others go.”

Let these others go –

When Jesus was arrested, the eleven disciples were with Him in the garden. He’d eaten the Passover meal with them, washed their feet, released Judas to betray Him, sang with them, and then prayed in the garden. He prayed passionately, and ended His prayer in acceptance of God’s will, not His.

Then, surrounded by His followers, the authorities and Judas came for Him. Like a modern-day SWAT team they came, with torches, lanterns and weapons… after these ‘dangerous criminals’… and Jesus gave them permission to arrest Him! He asked them who they came for and He said, “I Am He!” In essence, ‘I’m the one you seek. Now, since you are after me, let these others go.’

My friends – Jesus saves! He saves us today just as He saved His disciples from arrest 2000 years ago. He says to our enemies, addictions, shame, depression, fear, and failure… “Let them go!”

And then, the disciples fled… and so we can flee, leave the scene, get out of danger… because Jesus took the heat for us! Whatever threatens you and I, my friend, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually, we are – already – freed from! Jesus has paid the price for our freedom! It is time for us to walk away, flee, run! from the scene. The SWAT team of our enemies, addictions, shame, depression, fear, and failure has arrested Jesus in our place… and we are Free to go!

Father help us to recognize that Jesus has – already – set us free, and that now we need to leave the scene, to flee from our enemies, addictions, shame, depression, fear and failure… and live in the Freedom and Grace which Jesus died and rose again to provide for us! Thank You Jesus!

No longer slaves
Zach Williams

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