Today’s Encouragement is John 6:41 NLT Then the people began to murmur in disagreement because he had said, “I am the bread that came down from heaven.”


They disagreed, strongly, with Jesus words! Face to face with The Savior; in the presence of the Son of God… they murmured in disagreement.

Is it any wonder that today, people still disagree, find fault, nitpick, critique His words? We may do so too from time to time. Much of Jesus’ teaching is challenging, we can’t understand and accept everything He said and still says based upon our limited human understanding… He never expected that we would. Rather we accept His words by Faith. Faith is based upon trust that He Is whom He said He is. We choose to believe… not because we have concrete proof, but because we so choose!

Demanding proof lowers faith to logical thinking… I have this proof therefore I believe…. Such a faith will not stand.

Friends don’t fall into the trap of disagreement with the words of Jesus, nor the book which contains them, nor the Father nor the Holy Spirit. Accept what God has caused to be written for us… by choice, by faith. And refuse to murmur in disagreement about these writings that have been gifted to us by our loving Father.

Lord we choose to believe, we agree with Your Word, with everything You say and everything You are!

God is in Control

Covenant Worship

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