Won’t abandon

Today’s Encouragement is John 16:1 NLT “I have told you these things so that you won’t abandon your faith.”

Won’t abandon –

He spoke to His disciples (the 11, Judas had been sent away) teaching and strengthening them for the time when He was physically no longer with them.  And He spoke here… of them – abandoning their faith!? He spoke to ensure that they did not turn away from Him in discouragement, begin to doubt Him, begin to question His Lordship, His Kingdom, or His Truth. 

His words speak the same to us my friends, wisdom, and encouragement… so that we also, will not abandon our faith. 

We are sadly, quite capable of doing so.  But it is His encouragement, His Wisdom and Truth which helps us remain focused on Him, not turning away from Him who died for us, who prepares a place for us to be with Him, who cleanses us from all our sins, who has the Words of eternal life!

We are refreshed, renewed, restored in Faith as we hear His word preached, as we sing His praises, as we worship Him, pray to Him, and as we read His Word.  So that we will not abandon our faith in Him!

Father thank You for addressing our fallenness, our tendency to fall away, to abandon our core beliefs so frivolously.  Thank You for Your Grace which cleanses us from all our sin, failures, and frivolous thoughts.  Help us to hold fast to You.  And Thank You that even when we do fail, as we are wont to do, You still – hold us fast!

He will hold me fast

Keith and Kristyn Getty

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