The Centurion

Today’s Encouragement is Mark 15:39 NLT When the Roman officer who stood facing him saw how he had died, he exclaimed, “This man truly was the Son of God!”

The Roman officer –

The Roman military was an extremely well-disciplined fighting, killing machine. Their structure and establishment of order and ‘chain of command’ formed the basis of every successful military structure since!  These were ruthless men, their battles were fought face to face with their enemy and when they had won, they were covered with the blood of their enemy. A centurion, even more ruthless, strong, and powerful, dedicated 100% to the conquest of others, was a ruthless killing machine.

This man… this seemingly heartless and powerful killer, stood facing Jesus on the cross. He watched Him die! This was his job; he’d done it dozens of times before.

But something was very different about the execution he dutifully performed this day.

When this hardened executioner saw HOW Jesus died… he was brought to the end of himself, and he spoke in absolute truth, in awe and wonder and worship… “This man Truly was… the Son of God!”

Peter expressed these same words in Matthew 16:16. Now, is it possible that, after this life-changing experience, this centurion was not saved? Imagine standing before Him on the cross, (such a horrific sight, this most brutal, tortuous execution!) Could there be any more powerful message of God’s immeasurable Love for us? Even for this murderous centurion, who became our brother in Christ that day…

Lord help us to face also, Your sacrificial death, and be convinced. Jesus was and still is today, the Son of God. And to see that no man, no matter how hardened, can resist the Love of Christ.

Third Day

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