Longs to please Him

Today’s Encouragement is 1 John 3:9b AMP “…and he [who is born again] cannot habitually [live a life characterized by] sin, because he is born of God and longs to please Him.”

Longs to please Him –

[The Amplified Bible provides several possible translations of the original language for us to consider, all other versions choose only one for ease of reading.]

This verse is clearer from the Amplified because it brings out the intentional repetitive nature of sin as the difference between a sin-filled person and a believer.  That difference is our intent.  We believers may struggle with habitual sin, we recognize its destructive nature, that this sin harms our ability to have a healthy relationship with God and others, and we desire, our intent is, to be free from it.  We sincerely desire to be free from this sin.  Yet our flesh is weak even though our spirit is willing. (Matt 26:41) 

Friends, we have a Savior! He died to set us free from sin!  All have sinned! All will sin!  But as this passage explains “We long to please God!”  

Now what do you think we could ever possibly do to please God? Doing a good deed for another person?  Showing His love to others through an act of self-less kindness?   Choosing not to sin when tempted? Spending time with Him in Bible study and prayer? Praising Him by telling others of His goodness and kindness? Encouraging a hurting believer to continue to trust God through the trials and storms of this life?   Yes!  My friends there are many such ways to please our loving Father!

Choosing to continue in habitual, intentional sin has the potential to erode and ultimately destroy our relationship with Him. We would be choosing sin instead of choosing God.  This passage clarifies that such is not the fate of His children.  He chose us remember?  And we are destined for glorious victory over sin by the saving Grace of Jesus!  Because my friends, we want to please our God!

Here’s my heart

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