Strive together

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 15:30 ESV “I appeal to you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf.”  (revisited from a few weeks ago)

Strive together with me in prayer-

If someone asked you, “What is your most heartfelt, most important, greatest prayer request?”  How would you respond? Would you know immediately, or would you respond, “Let me think about that.”

It seems that many of us flip-flop from day to day or minute by minute… in our prayers.  We too often don’t pray about anything consistently; we’re not persevering, wrestling, striving together, in prayer… Instead, we are all, all too often, ‘all over the place!’

But what is most important?  What lingers on your own prayer list?  Would you be willing to define, refine that prayer need?  And then would you be willing share it with another person who believes in prayer also?  

May I suggest this experiment?  Consider writing out your most fervent prayer concern. What matters most to you?  Try to get it down to one or two sentences.  Be specific, make it a trusting, faith-filled, hope-filled prayer request.  Then once you’ve defined it – put it in the reminders of your phone, or on a card and tape it to the bathroom mirror or refrigerator door, put a copy of it in your Bible as a marker and reminder. 

And bring it to Him often.  And finally, consider sharing it with another trusted prayer partner. (Strive together with me in prayer.)

And then my friend, rest in Him.  God hears, He knows, and He will respond in His time.  Our ‘job’ is to recognize He is sovereign, yet we still get the privilege of struggling together in prayer.

My friend, how can I pray along with you, struggling together with you in prayer?

Pray for me

M W Smith

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