Completed by works

Today’s Encouragement is James 2:22 ESV “You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by his works;”

Completed by his works –

My friends we have fallen into the trap which says, “All I have to do is believe.”   This is misunderstood as Faith but is not.  James 2:19 ESV “You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe-and shudder!”  The issue is not ‘Do we believe?’ but rather, ‘Do we believe and also live according to those beliefs?  Do our actions, thoughts, attitudes reflect our Faith?”

Of course, our actions, our works, our lives, reflect and demonstrate our beliefs.  How we treat others, how we relate to family and friends, and strangers… these all reveal our hearts, our beliefs, and our faith.  We act according to how we believe… And faith, without actions (deeds) which are consistent with that faith (works) is useless… it hasn’t saved you in that your life is no different because of your faith. 

Is it possible that the difference is…? We think – Jesus lived and died to save us, and if we just believe in this then we are saved and have eternal life, period, the end.  But in truth, Jesus doesn’t want to just be our insurance policy; He must be Lord, or He is no one at all.  If we understand anything about who He is, we recognize He is Lord of Lords, King of Kings, the Living Son of the Living God…. God with us!  And this Jesus doesn’t deserve a back seat, He won’t accept that.  He is too Great!  This is not His pride or arrogance saying, if I can’t be first, I won’t stay at all… but rather a reality of his Glory.  If we don’t recognize Him as Supreme, First, Lord, then we don’t really know who He is. 

And if we Do recognize and honor Him as Lord, then certainly, He will dominate our life, and our life will then reflect our faith, our faith will be made complete by our works!  ‘Faith active along with Works.’ 

Father help us to have Faith which impacts our lives, our actions, our hearts.  Help us to believe and be transformed into your adopted children who live by faith.

Give me Faith

Elevation Worship

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