O Lord hear

Today’s Encouragement is Daniel 9:19 NLT “O Lord, hear. O Lord, forgive. O Lord, listen and act! For your own sake, do not delay, O my God, for your people and your city bear your name.”

O Lord, hear –

Daniel desperately pleaded with God in this chapter (read v3-18) for God to act in some way to save His people. 

I confess, I rarely, if ever, have prayed with such intensity, so fervently, passionately.  A few times with tears, often with pleading, sometimes with fasting….

The point is, we too often are flippant about our prayer.  We pray while… we are doing something else, driving, cooking, brushing our teeth… getting our exercise.  And it’s always good to pray… at all times… continuously!

However, consider that this prayer in Daniel 9, was deeply passionate. He had been fasting.  He was desperately interceding for his nation, his people. 

Jesus often went way from the crowd, even his disciples, to an isolated place to pray.  In the garden, just before his death, he prayed with such passion that his sweat was like drops of blood.

Is it possible my friends, that our prayer would be much more effective if we were more focused, more deliberate?  (Now you’re going to be tempted to say I’m nuts…)

What about, kneeling, lying prone, standing with hands upraised to heaven, having a prayer closet or room, praying outdoors, in a garden, a nearby open chapel, a park bench, fasting a meal and praying instead, keeping a prayer list and praying through it regularly, praying with another person, for one another out loud, then for mutual prayer concerns.  There are many options for prayer…

Prayer is essential to our relationship with God.  Relationship is built with communication.  And as you pray, in whatever circumstances, remember to Listen!  With spiritual ears…

For He wants to speak to us!

Father help us to pray, help us draw close to You to both, share our heart and to listen to Your heart.  We ask in Jesus’ Name.

Breathe on us again

Promise keepers

2 thoughts on “O Lord hear

  1. I love this song:  Men singing together, passionately pleading to be restored again to the Awe of God!  Thank you!  

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    1. Yes! It is amazing what happens when God’s people sing together

      Rick DeFoore http://www.todays-encouragement.com How can I pray with you? 325.307.8311

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