My ways are higher

Today’s Encouragement is Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. [9] “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

My ways are higher –

One morning, holding my closed Bible, thanking God for it, and prayerfully expressing my faith in it as His truth, I believe He spoke to me, “Yes, I am described by this book, but I am not defined by it.”

Since He is unlimited, nothing can fully define Him. We can attempt to understand some aspects of His nature or character, His plan, His will, His thoughts and His ways but truthfully, we have only glimpses.  Consider that – all that we know of God is from the perspective of man.  God-inspired men of course, and we trust in that inspiration to pervade the writing of the text.  

So this collection of dozens of Spirit-led authors, over several centuries, in times of peace, prosperity, famine, wilderness, trials, encounters with God Himself, reflection, teaching and questioning…. All this is combined for us, in order to relate God’s intended purpose of providing His description of Himself, how He relates to us, how we are to relate to Him, and to each other. 

The Bible provides the perspective of time, written in many differing circumstances, eras, and by different authors. Even what is written about Jesus, what He did, what He said… was written by several different human beings.

Who could imagine, design and prepare such a marvelous compilation? Certainly only He!  And in every book – as this song beautifully portrays – Jesus Is.

He Is

Aaron Jeoffery

2 thoughts on “My ways are higher

  1. He Is!  It’s a wonderment!  A puzzlement!  A complete story of our fragments of knowledge of Him!  Incomprehensible!   So one of the books that I’m really enjoying, that I picked up ‘by chance’ in the ‘free’ bin of a thrift store here in Cody:  The Map is Not the Journey:  Faith Renewed While Hiking the Alps, by Richard Dahlstrom, a minister who took a sabbatical from his church responsibilities to ‘experience the map’ and not just read about/feed his faith.  It’s so true. I read, expound on, teach, but do I live the Word made flesh?  Do I experience God?  That’s my goal: to Know Him in His glory. That’s why I loved my experience of ‘seeing’ the transfiguration.’   

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    1. Amen! Great insight! Thank you for sharing!!

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