Grumble against you

Today’s Encouragement is Numbers 17:5b “Thus I [The Lord] will make to cease from me the grumblings of the people of Israel, which they grumble against you.”

Grumble against you –

Israel repeatedly “grumbled” against God and also against Moses as their leader. God took it personally!  He said their grumbling was against Moses and Himself!  Because God had selected and prepared Moses as His man for the job. 

Friends, people will grumble and complain, they did so against Moses, so they will grumble and complain against and under any other (every?) leader as well.  When we accept any position of leadership, even just speaking to someone about Christ, we may well encounter such a response.  While such grumbling and complaining will inevitably threaten to discourage you, (which of course is exactly what the enemy so desperately wants) remember that this grumbling is a common response to any leadership! And God’s leadership is even more cause for grumbling, because His ways are so far beyond our understanding!

We’re in good company (Moses, Jesus) when people complain and grumble against our leadership. They are always with us, the question is… do we continue to follow God’s leading when others grumble against us?  Or do we allow doubts and opposition to intimidate us?  Do we press on to what God has called us to, regardless of the grumbling and complaining of those around us?

Father God, help us to press on in the path You’ve laid out for us, regardless of the grumbling of those around us.  Help us to listen to our brothers and sisters in the faith, who have concerns or questions about our position, but to always, ultimately, depend on You for all Truth.



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