Let not

Today’s Encouragement is John 14:27b [Jesus said] “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

Let not –

Friends, Is it possible that we could choose to obey God’s words, and live a life without fear?  Notice He said, Let Not… as in, don’t allow, or choose – to not be afraid!

What would that look like, feel like, sound like?  Is it possible that fear enters into our hearts, lives, decisions, in ways we do not or have not yet seen?  Could fear unconsciously infiltrate our thinking just as infection spreads throughout a weakened body? Our healthy bodies fight infection seamlessly, but when we are weakened, infection can overtake us.  And so with fear (and any other sin!). 

When we are spiritually strong, exercising our faith, listening to God’s words, hearing His voice, trusting Him… then we have the spiritual strength and can effectively fight the infection of fear.   Of course, we also recognize that we are often weak, tired, and helpless… and in those times God’s power and mercy still comes and says/commands us – Have no fear!

And the deeper our faith, the greater our ongoing relationship and dependence upon Him becomes, and because we are with Him, we are safe, and we do not fear.  We are already safe within Him. 

This is not our own security, or our own righteousness, but it is the security, the righteousness that comes to us from Him. And we receive this spiritual strength as we remain in His presence and Abide with Him and are clothed with Him. And we then choose to Fear Not!

Help us Oh Lord, to choose to not allow our hearts to be troubled nor afraid, because we trust in You! 

I choose to believe

Phillips Craig and Dean

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