I remember

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 143:5 “I remember the days of old; I meditate on all that you have done; I ponder the work of your hands.”

I remember –

Our memories have great influence over our current thoughts. What I currently view as negative or positive could well be determined primarily by my memory. 

For example, my current perspective of a particular friend, is very positive because my history with them is generally filled by good memories. Even though I may have had a disagreement with them recently.  We’re still friends because of the long history of good experiences and memories of those times. 

And generally, after accumulating some negative experiences and related memories in a relationship, we decide, ‘Enough of them!’ and end those relationships.

Seems pretty obvious.

I believe that it’s called ‘selective memory’, the idea that we recall certain memories and disregard others. We all have good and bad memories of past experiences.  Where do you focus?  Can you change your mind, make the decision to change your focus from the negative memories to those which are positive?

The works of Your hands Lord, are more than just ‘positive memories!’ Help us remember Your works! All you have done! The works of Your hands!

The Exodus

David and Goliath

Elijah and the prophets of Baal

Jesus refusing the offers of our enemy

Lazarus’ resurrection


The empty grave!

Help us to remember Lord that – this earth, this universe, our lifetimes and our current moment… all are in Your loving hands!  And You are so very good to us.



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