Every One of Them

Today’s Encouragement is Luke 4:40 “Now when the sun was setting, all those who had any who were sick with various diseases brought them to him, and he laid his hands on every one of them and healed them.”

Every one of them –

Imagine the disciples saying, as the sun was setting, “It’s getting late Master, we should eat and get some rest.  You’ve been teaching and healing these people all day!  Couldn’t you just heal them all at once so we can eat and rest?” 

(The disciples were practical guys, trying to help Jesus, suggesting practical approaches to situations, which, almost always ignored His true power and identity as Lord of Lords.  Jesus must’ve chuckled to himself many times at their innocence and naïveté.)

Even at the end of the day, the crowd was growing, ‘all those’ needing healing, needing hope, needing God… they came.  

And for each person who came to Him – every one – Jesus laid His hands on them and healed. 

My friends, Jesus still relates to – every one – of us as individuals.

He doesn’t see us as a crowd of noisy, needy people, clamoring for His attention.  No! He knows you by name, every detail of your life.  And He loves you!

Thank You Lord for seeing us as we are, and still loving us, forgiving us, and leading us in this Life.  Please Lord, lay Your hands on every one of us this day, we ask, in faith, in You. 

He knows my name 

Francesca Battistelli

2 thoughts on “Every One of Them

    1. YES! It truly is amazing, beyond belief, that we matter – individually to Him!

      Rick DeFoore http://www.todays-encouragement.com How can I pray with you? 325.307.8311

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