How will this be

Today’s Encouragement is Luke 1:34 & 37 And Mary said to the angel, “How will this be, since I am a virgin?” [37] [And the Angel answered her] “…For nothing will be impossible with God.”

How will this be, since- 

Mary, in her innocence and purity, encountering, conversing with the angel Gabriel, responded to him… (obviously my paraphrase) “Hey, wait a minute! I know how this works… I’m still a virgin… this doesn’t make sense…”

My friends, we usually react similarly to surprising words, like Mary did.  

How often do we say, “But- How is that possible, since…“ This questioning is logical and even wise for matters of the world… but in matters of God, when it comes to His promises, His truth as revealed in the Bible, then my friends, this line of thought, this critical thinking, this logical deduction… all is brushed aside… Our earthly logic is not dominant over God’s power.  He doesn’t have to be ‘logical’… He is not constrained by human ‘wisdom’. 

Because – Nothing will be impossible with God! 

God of the impossible 

Lincoln Brewster 

4 thoughts on “How will this be

  1. Really like how you phrased the comments re: “God doesn’t have to be logical”. Good reminder that He is God & he’s Sovereign over all. So needed in these days!


    1. Thanks Carol, this was a new realization to me recently. A good friend of mine was talking with an atheist about God, and the atheist kept raising, what seemed like very logical arguments, against the idea of the existence of God. No doubt he was well trained in those arguments! And that thought just occurred to me (Gods voice?) God isn’t constrained by human logic. He doesn’t ’have to be logical’ according to our definition of logic! He writes the definitions!

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    1. Ha! Yes, Spock couldn’t have handled it! If human logic was the ultimate ‘wisdom’… then we could all save ourselves with logic. Lol. That’s not logical! Thank God that He is above our human thinking, our logic, our best ideals and thoughts… He is infinitely beyond all that…

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