Today’s Encouragement is Joshua 7:8 “O Lord, what can I say, when Israel has turned their backs before their enemies!”

Failure –

The powerful armies of Israel had failed, they were forced to retreat before the small city of Ai, only a few people.  This happened because of one man’s sin, Achan, who took a few treasures from the previous battle with Jericho, a few treasures which were supposed to be devoted to God (v6:18) 

This small, seemingly insignificant theft, by one man, caused 36 of Israel’s soldiers to die and the hearts of all the people melted (v7:5) and their army retreated in shame. 

Only God and Achan knew of this sin.  The 36 who died didn’t know, the thousands of Israel who retreated before their enemies didn’t know, Moses didn’t even know.  But God knew, and revealed the sin after this defeat, and then – after the sin was discovered and dealt with, victory and strength were again granted to the nation.

My friends, one seemingly small sin can deeply affect your life and the lives of many others!  It’s like cancer and eats away all the good.  We often think, “It’s not hurting anyone, no one knows…” But sin is a poison, and a tiny amount is still potent!  Plus, sin never is satisfied with a tiny amount, sin is hungry, greedy and wants to poison not just you, but your family, friends, work, and your church.  

Friends, with God’ grace, we can pull the sin-weed up by the roots, confess it, repent, and condemn the sin, (but not yourself); this is no time for half-measures!  Remove it like a cancer, before it grows to poison your entire life.

Flee from Sin/Run to Jesus

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2 thoughts on “Failure

  1. I woke up and got out of bed before 3:00 a.m. this morning. My heart was heavy and full of sorrow. I need your encouragement today as I do each day.


  2. I’m so sorry for your sorrow. There are times when we just – must grieve deeply. It is usually a very lonely, gray, and joyless place. I pray that your time there is healing and as brief as possible.

    I have found, for me, this may not apply to everyone, that grief, and sorrow, are often triggers, doorways, to worse mental and emotional places. And, you are already aware of this, can lead me to hopeless thoughts and to depression.

    As I am able, usually after suffering too long!, to look up, fix my eyes on Jesus, to consider what God has done for me, to place my heart and hope in Who He is, and remove my self-focus, then I begin to emerge from the mire of my sorrow, doubt or fear, simply by turning my focus, my attention to Him. Then springs forth Hope! And expectation, light and peace and even… dare I ask… Joy!

    Each of us determines where we choose to live, what season we must spend in grief, sorrow or sadness. It is a choice. God’s loving arms are always open to his children, to anyone who seeks Him. And in His embrace… there is Peace, Love, Contentment, Hope, and Joy.

    May we all find His loving arms today .


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