Come and hear

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 66:16 Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul.

Come and hear- 

King David wrote these words as He was expressing his gratitude, his praise to God in this Psalm. 

What would be the result… of you telling others ‘what God has done’? 

Do we tell them to try to convince them God exists, or that He is Good, or…   to get God’s approval and blessings for our life? (As if he’s impressed when we simply obey Him…)  

I’m suggesting that we will be, and are, blessed, as others who hear, are blessed, when God is honored… always.  And one way to do so is to “tell what He has done for my soul”. 

Personally, I was a mess, lost in my pride, pursuit of what I wanted, ignoring what God, my wife, or anyone else wanted… and barreling down the road to self-destruction at 120 mph.  God reached down, when I was at my darkest hour, and gently lifted me out, and set me down in a small church where He began to teach me through His Word… that He loves me, that He has made a way for me to be forgiven, that He has the best plan for my life, that my plans are not at all for my best, that without Him I can do nothing, I am nothing… but that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, and hundreds of other life-saving, life-changing, and life-transforming truths from His word.  And most importantly He said, “You’re forgiven everything when you surrender to Jesus as Savior and Lord.”  By His mercy, I did just that. It’s been 37 years now.  Absolutely no regrets. Nothing but immeasurable gratitude for – “what He has done for my soul”.  

Washed clean, set right with God.  At peace, assured of eternal life with Him.  

This is what God had done for my soul.  Come and hear.

What the Lord has done in Me

Robin Mark

5 thoughts on “Come and hear

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal information it’s good to see what God can do. I wonder if you were in Church when you were a “mess” but just did not have the relationship with the Lord , did he have to shake you up to get your attention ?


    1. I was raised in church, heard the true gospel all my life, walked the aisle and baptized at 9 yrs. but I continued to live for me! I knew About God and His love, I knew About the Grace of Jesus and His sacrificial death for my sins, I About the truth that I was forgiven… But I still lived for Me! Not until I had come to the end of myself… I had gotten what I thought I wanted… and realized it was empty, but God! So on that day 37!years ago, as the church sang ‘I surrender all’ a song I’d sung a hundred times while never thinking about the message… that day… by God’s Grace… I Did! I did surrender all. I asked Him to save me from myself, to be Lord of my life.
      And I’m forever changed. 2 Corinthians 5:27 If anyone (even me!) is In Christ… he is a new creation!!!! The old (person) has gone and the new (creation in Christ) has come!!! What a miracle! There’s no way to express my gratitude… except to… give Him my life!!! Which I do gladly!

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      1. The routine of church can become a trap in itself. It can’t become routine or it loses all meaning. It opens up question of what really is the church , a place , a people ? Deep questions. We know it’s relation with Jesus not outward rituals with no spirit.


  2. 37 years ago…put into a small church and saved from self!  Amazing journey. You’re fed. You feed!  

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