For Lack of Knowledge

Today’s Encouragement is Hosea 4:6a My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

For lack of knowledge- 

Do you know already, everything that you need to know, about God and His Son Jesus? 

My wife was talking with one of our grandsons, then about 3, and she asked him if he knew God, he replied, “Oh, I know all about God!”   

He was in a bible-based daycare/preschool program and, gratefully was regularly being taught the Truth of God’s love and of Jesus’ saving grace.  

Did he really know everything?  Of course not.  Did he know all he needed to at the time?  I’m thinking Yes!  He had a childlike faith, which Jesus acknowledged in Matthew 18:2 was all that is needed.  Pure, adoring, unselfish, childlike faith.

So, what does Jesus mean that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge?  

He goes on to direct this charge against the priests… those who were responsible for teaching His people.   My friends we now are each responsible for our knowledge of God, of His Word, His ways, His truth.  No condemnation for the past here… but consider, are you learning of God, do you have a deeper relationship with Him today than last year? Are you growing closer to Him in understanding, knowledge, relationship, or are you stagnant spiritually? 

If you feel that you may be staying the same, or worse, drifting away from Him… remember He is constant… He never changes… He doesn’t drift away from us, that’s the farthest thing from His heart….  So, He is waiting for you.  Will you return to Him, spend time with Him, pour out your heart to Him, Ask, Seek and Knock?  He will respond.  He is always ready for your return. 

Father help us to return to You, to Seek You first.  Thank You that You are always ready for us to come to You. 

The More I Seek You

Kari Jobe

2 thoughts on “For Lack of Knowledge

  1. Email from your dad…out of wheelchair, on walker he said. Goal met…wish I could take a walk with him! You know?


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