Surpasses Understanding

Today’s Encouragement is Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 

Surpasses understanding –

Remember V6 refusing to fear and worry, we pray in faith, with trust and gratitude, and then… and then…. The Peace of God (not man’s peace, but God’s!) which surpasses all understanding (God’s peace doesn’t always make sense in this world, it’s not ‘understandable’ or reasonable to be ‘at peace’ when there are so many troubles, worries, and trials all around us!)  God’s Peace is Beyond all (human) understanding… because it’s His… it is far beyond the natural peace of man… it is super-natural peace.  Super means above/beyond/far exceeding all nature (all normal peace).  God’s Peace is beyond human understanding.  

And it is this Peace (God’s super-natural) peace, which guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  We are at peace and that Peace protects us, keeps us free from fear and worry and doubts….  This happens when we pray, as in V6, and trust God with our worries and concerns and refuse to entertain them any longer!  

What a beautiful gift… God’s Peace – guarding our hearts and minds in Christ.  

Only God can bring about that Peace (which is why it surpasses all human understanding).  And in this Peace my friends, we can Rest in His Love!  

Thank You Father for the promise of Your Peace.  May we experience this Perfect Peace, as You guard our hearts and minds.  

Peace in Christ (with footage from The Chosen)

Laura Williams

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