Do Not Be Anxious

Today’s Encouragement is Philippians 4:6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Oh, for this blessing!  Oh, that we could let go of anxiety completely.  That we could simply ask God for our needs and desires, and, gratefully, in trust and patience, wait for His action, His response!  Wouldn’t that be just too wonderful?  

Wait a minute!  Is this just wishful thinking?  Is this just lofty advice offered to the super-spiritual giants of every age?  Are these only nice words meant to placate us, are they without meaning?  If it is any of this, we’re in trouble!  No, my friends… this is God’s Word!  His message to us, His beloved children, saying… This, THIS is how you can live!  You can rejoice always (v 4) and be free of anxiety, worry, fear, doubt, or even concern…. we can be Free from Worry!    

How?  Well, just consider the passage…. Submit your requests to God, prayerfully, and with thanksgiving, in gratitude that He hears, and He will respond to your needs. And friends the word says ‘Do Not Be – anxious!’ This is a decision, a choice we make in our relationship with God.  Trusting Him, praying and being grateful to Him… these are negated if we continue to fret and worry!  Rather we are free to Stop!  Stop worrying!  Stop Fretting!  Stop ‘being concerned’ about what you’ve prayed about.  Perhaps we continue to pray for it, not in doubt, but for our own assurance that God is continually reminded (as if He would forget?) of our pressing prayer request.  

God wants His children, as any loving Father would, to trust Him and be free of anxiety, worry and fear.  Choose to trust Him with all your needs and choose to refuse to worry any longer.  God is able to handle all our needs, and far better than we can ask or imagine! 

Lord God when we have worries or fears, help us to turn to you in Prayer, and then in faith and trust in You, help us to refuse to worry any longer.  You are the absolute best one to handle all our problems! 

Trust in You

Lauren Daigle

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