Guard Your Heart

Today’s Encouragement is Proverbs 4:23 (NLT) Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Guard your Heart –

How do we do that?

The word here translated as ‘heart’ can also mean mind, emotions, feelings, attitude etc. 

We all feed, guard (or don’t) and ‘tend’ to our hearts and minds, daily.  It may be reading, watching TV, keeping up with news, talking with friends, cruising Facebook, or listening to music.  These external sources feed us a certain type of mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment.  It can be healthy or poisonous or anywhere in between.  But each source of external input has a resulting effect on us!

Our internal sources, our thoughts, and attitudes, also guide us, and are part of this idea of our ‘heart’, for these also determine the course of our lives, which way we go, the decisions and choices that we make or that we don’t.

So, what are you ‘feeding’ on? Internal or external sources, are they feeding you good nourishment or junk food?  What is your source of nourishment to your mind, to your spirit, to your heart?

My friends, consider feeding your heart on the most nourishing food, which will strengthen your spirit, and will guard your heart from everything which isn’t helpful.  Feed on God’s Word, Trust in His Truth.  Guard your hearts by feeding on His Truth.

Father God, creator of our hearts, minds, and spirits please guide us to feed upon Your Truth, to nurture the spirit within us, according to Your plans and purposes for us.

Thy Word

Amy Grant

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