Say to them

Today’s Encouragement is Ezekiel 3:11 NLT Then go to your people in exile and say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says!’  Do this whether they listen to you or not.”

Say to them –

This world is a fallen place.  People generally have no ears to hear, no eyes to see – the Love of God as revealed through Jesus Christ.

The encouragement today is – to share Gods Love anyway!

Speak to them anyway! Whether they listen or not! 

I admit this goes against my own nature.  I want to say, if someone asks me, I’ll be happy to tell them… but as God told Ezekiel… it is not only the open ears who need to hear the Gospel! 

We can’t all stand on streetcorners and preach, but in our workplace, our homes, the places we shop, with neighbors… we can share God’s Love for them and for us, in any number of ways.

We don’t know my friends, what is in their hearts, what they need, what pain or stress they may be experiencing… but God does!  And He will give you the words to say! (Ex 4:12).  Our part is to be faithful. God does the real work, we just cast the seeds. And trust Him.

Father God, please give us boldness to share with others, the greatest gift ever given… Your Love through Christ!  We ask in Jesus’ Name.

When You Speak

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