Never again

Today’s Encouragement is Job 7:7 NLT “O God, remember that my life is but a breath, and I will never again feel happiness.”

Never again-

Job is a difficult book. We focus in on a short period of his lifetime, a tragic, horrifying time when he loses everything, his health, great possessions, respect, even his sons and daughters! His wife even advised him to ‘Curse God and Die’ (What a blessing she was!).

But this lengthy description of his suffering was not the entirety of his long lifetime! We don’t know how long his suffering was, but we do know he was old enough that he had adult children when this greatest trial came upon him, and that after his recovery… he lived another 140 years, and God blessed him with twice the wealth he had before, and 10 more children! (Job 42:12-16)

In this 7:7 Job admits his complete despair. Saying ‘My life is over, I’ll never feel happy again’!  Later he even wishes he had never even been born! That’s deep despair!

Friends, we also, like Job in his great misery, see only a glimpse of life. Our current circumstances seem to overwhelm everything, but they are not forever, whether they are very pleasant or very, very difficult… this is not the end. This moment, this trial, this tragedy is only a season, and it will pass.

Father, help us to trust in You. We do not know what tomorrow holds. We will choose to continue to hope in You regardless of how difficult it may be at this one moment.

I know who holds tomorrow

The Issacs

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