Who wait for Him

Today’s Encouragement is Isaiah 64:4 NLT For since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for him!

Who wait for Him –

But we too often, get tired of waiting, we get impatient, decide we need to ‘do something even if it’s wrong’… and my friends, this is disastrous.  Our impatience with God is really our distrust of Him, we start to question Him, “When will You do something about this Lord?  I’ve been praying about it for (days, months, years)”

So, in our frustration, in our impatience, we take some action.  This is the strength of man, we want to prove (to whom?) that we are strong, ‘take-charge’ people.  And spiritually what has happened?  We have stopped waiting on the Lord, stopped patiently trusting and relying on Him, and substituted our own strength for His. 

When seen from this perspective it seems obvious that our own efforts will fail.  His ways are higher than our ways (Is 55:9). 

There’s a reason that we are so often compared to sheep in the Bible. Sheep follow their Shepherd ‘blindly’, They have no idea what is good for them, where there is good grass and water, where they are safe or in danger… they are NOT Independent self-willed, take-charge people.  They surrender to the Shepherd. They wait for Him. And the Shepherd provides for them, every need, guiding them in safe paths…

Lord, teach us to wait, to trust, to depend on You.  To follow You, as Your sheep, Your children. And to trust that You will work for us!

Teach me Lord, to wait


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