Have not seen

Today’s Encouragement is John 20:29 NLT Then Jesus told him, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.”

Believe without seeing-

In the preceding verses, Jesus is resurrected, has appeared to the disciples and Thomas, now that he has seen Jesus, believes. As always, Jesus’ words have profound and eternal depth… and He speaks here, 2000 years ago, of you and me!

I admit it… I want to see! Don’t you?  To see Jesus, to see His miraculous power at work, to see people healed, prisoners (of all types of bondage) set free!  We have friends who are serving overseas who report that they are experiencing a great white harvest of people coming to faith in Jesus!  I want to see that!  We all want to, we long for our faith to become sight!  We think, “That would be such a great blessing!”

And yet, Jesus says it is those (including you and me!) who do Not see Him face to face, nor His miracle working power… who are “blessed”!

This word “blessed” is also translated in the Amplified as “happy” and “to be envied”, and this is you and me! 

Because we walk by, live by Faith and not by sight… we are blessed, happy and to be envied! 

Friends, anyone can believe what they can see… no faith is required.  We, however, believe in what our physical eyes cannot see.  The redeeming Love of our God through Jesus Christ!

And so, we are blessed!

Thank You Father, for Your truth and wisdom, designing us that we may please You by our faith in what we cannot see.  You are so wise and so good to us!



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