Constantly speak His praises

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 34:1 NLT “I will praise the LORD at all times. I will constantly speak his praises.”

Constantly speak His praises –

The songwriter David, is rejoicing over God’s goodness to him, grateful for God’s deliverance (v4) and His salvation (v6).

What would our lives be like if we actually did this?  Imagine if we praised God at all times, constantly speaking His praises? Could we consider this just for a moment? Selah – (means pause and consider this)

The car breaks down – ‘I Praise You Lord, I trust that You’re going to help me deal with this and You will work this for my good.’ (Rom 8:28)
A bad medical diagnosis- ‘I Praise You Lord, You are my healer, should this end in my death, I will live in glorious joy eternally with You!’ (John 3:15)
Good news comes – ‘I Praise You Lord, Every good and perfect gift comes from You!’ (Jas 1:17)
So, is it possible my friends, to constantly speak His Praises, at all times, and in all circumstances?

In our hearts and minds and spirits, we can praise Him always. When we forget to praise Him, we can, at that moment, choose to praise Him because we have remembered! Nothing we do is perfect, we’re terribly inconsistent, aren’t we? Maybe consistently imperfect! Yet God finds our perfection in Jesus! Yet we are most blessed… when we praise Him at all times, singing and speaking His praise!

Thank You Father for Jesus, for eternal life, for forgiveness, for Your amazing promises to us, for choosing us to be Your own family… Your goodness to us, Your Love for us, is overwhelming, immeasurable!

Help us to always Praise You!

Kim Walker-Smith

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