Give us everything

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 8:32 NLT Since he did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else?

Give us everything –

Even in human terms, if I have given you, my own child, a priceless gift, a new house let’s say, (don’t hold your breath!) because of my overwhelming love for you… would I later say “No” if you asked me to buy your lunch, or to provide for you so that your bills were paid, or to take care of you in any other way? Everything else, every other need we have… pales in comparison to the gift of Jesus.

Yet we often strive exhaustingly to get what we need, our own desires, on our own, without ever asking our perfect loving Father for what we need! In His model prayer Jesus instructed us, invited us, to ask even for our food, our daily bread!

The blessings we have as the deeply loved children of God the Almighty Creator of All, are unlimited! Now, He is far too loving to grant us our every selfish whim, and yet He is far too loving to ignore our prayers for actual needs!

He provides exactly, precisely, perfectly everything we need. And He begins… with the Savior!

Lord God, Your immeasurable goodness to us, what You have already given and what You plan to provide for us… is overwhelming! Salvation through Christ! Eternal Life with You! Treasures in Heaven! Forgiveness for Sin! Freedom to Worship You! The Bread of Life and Living Water! Truthfully, You have already provided all that we need, and infinitely more than we could ever deserve! Help us to have appropriately thankful hearts!

Do it again
Elevation Worship

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