Remember no more

Today’s Encouragement is Jeremiah 31:34b “For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”

Remember no more –

Does this amaze you as it does me? That God, who can do anything, would choose to remove from His perfect complete and limitless memory… all our sin!

We have a slightly easier time accepting His forgiveness, yet we often struggle with forgiveness as well.

We think, “I need to hold on to this guilt and shame over this sin because it was really terrible and I want God to know that I really regret it, and if I forget it then I might do it again.”

How’s that working for ya?

Friends it is the freedom from guilt and shame, bought for us by the blood of Jesus, which sets us free from the power of sin. This freedom results from accepting, even embracing the grace, love, forgiveness, and this “merciful forgetfulness” of our Perfect Father.

Erased, blotted out, removed, remembered no more… these are some of the words used throughout the Bible to describe what God has done with our sin!

Now, the next question is what will we ‘do’ with the memory of our sin?

Father God, in Your infinite power, please help us to also ‘remember no more’ and to forget completely, our own sin. Erase its memory and scars from our lives, and from the lives of those we’ve hurt by our sin. You alone can heal all this.

He Forgives and He Forgets
Shara McKee

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