Your love for me

Today’s Encouragement is John 17:26 NLT I have revealed you to them, and I will continue to do so. Then your love for me will be in them, and I will be in them.”

Your love for me –

Let’s consider that… 

“Your love for me” – that is God’s love for Jesus,

“will be in them” – God’s love for Jesus will be in us…

that is, we will have the same love in us for Jesus as God the Father has for Jesus! 

My friend, this is an indescribable Love we’re considering.  It is God’s perfect, unlimited, untainted, unqualified Love for His only begotten Son!  How much more could God love Jesus?  There is no such measure!  This Love is complete and perfect. And this Love, unimaginably, is what Jesus prayed would be IN US!

Now my friend, do we really Love Jesus? Honestly, we answer, head hung low, “Well, probably not as much as I should.” Or “I’m not really sure how to love Jesus”. And both are true.  Yet my friends this is Jesus’ prayer for us!  Does God answer Jesus’ prayers? Of course!  So, this prayer is already fulfilled, already granted!

This Love resides within every believer.  It may be dormant, unacknowledged, ignored… but it is undeniably present.  Is it possible that we can kindle this Love to a blaze, can we nurture this latent Love to its fullest potential?  Can we?  How?  First, we must Believe!  Believe that – God’s Love for Jesus now lives within us!  And He will do the rest.

Your love is life

Tommy and Eileen Walker

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