Like a child

Today’s Encouragement is Mark 10:15 NLT [Jesus said] I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”

Like a child –

So, how would a child receive the Kingdom of Heaven?

Can we agree that the love of a child is a beautiful example of pure Love?  

It is pure joy when a child, any child, but especially my own, walks into a room and reaches up their arms to be embraced in my love!  If this thrills our human hearts so deeply, so far beyond any description…

My friends, how much more deeply must our Father God respond to our holding up our arms asking for Him to embrace us in His perfect Love…

The child comes to us with no pretense, preparation, process, or prerequisites … just expressing pure love and completely trusting in receiving pure love in return.  Is it possible that we, like a child, could we throw off everything, and run to Him, arms upraised, in complete abandon? 

Just Love, Trust, Hope, Confidence…  this is how a child runs to a loving parent… and so can we run to our Father.

Lord help us to run to You, arms upraised, in total faith and trust… You are our Loving Father!

Arms of My Savior

Lincoln Brewster

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