God of the living

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 22:32 NLT “’I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.’ So he is the God of the living, not the dead.”

God of the living –

This God is our God, we who are alive on earth.  He is also God of those who once lived here, but now live there. Jesus explained that He is not the God of the dead. Rather He is the God of everyone who believes, whether they are of the earth or of Heaven. 

We began living in His kingdom, when we believed in and accepted Him as our Lord and our God on this earth.  And when we move on to our next ‘home’, we are merely changing our address.  Other circumstances change of course, but not our God… that is, He is our God now and will be still…then.  We are His children now and will still be… then.

The point is, we are, now and forever, His children, and this does not change. We are now and will always be, His.

We have a tendency to think that our new life will begin when we cross over, leaving this body and this world behind.   Certainly, that will be a glorious moment, and it will certainly be a very different state of being, for us! Yet, our position, our standing, or essential relationship with our Father will be unchanged.

Father thank You for being our God, for allowing us to be Your children, washed pure by the righteousness of Christ so that we can, now, and forever, be Yours.

Love Came Down

Kari Jobe

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