Why are you so afraid

Today’s Encouragement is Mark 4:40 NLT Then he asked them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

Why are you so afraid –

Jesus had just silenced the wind and waves with His words.  The disciples were very afraid of the storm thinking that they were doomed, yet they were even more terrified of Him when they witnessed His power over nature itself. 

And Jesus, ever speaking to the truth of the matter, rarely to the circumstances, asked… Why do you fear, is it because you still don’t have faith?

Friends, is it possible that fear and faith are incompatible?  We are encouraged countless times in God’s Word, “Do not be afraid!”  Fear is destructive, crippling, eroding all that is good.  Faith however is constructive, building us up as believers, strengthening our resolve to obey, to serve, to honor Christ above all. 

And friends… we choose.  We choose to feed our Faith, or our Fear.  By our thoughts, actions, people we associate with, what we read, music we listen to… Feed your faith my friends, not your Fear! 

Father help us to choose to Trust, to grow in Faith in You, in every circumstance, and to turn away from, reject the temptation to choose to fear.  You alone are worthy of our Faith.

Faith Above Fear

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