When they believe

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 3:26b NLT God did this to demonstrate his righteousness, for he himself is fair and just, and he makes sinners right in his sight when they believe in Jesus.

When they believe –

God is righteous, He is fair, He is just.

God placed in humans an innate sense of fairness, right and wrong.  It is part of His design for mankind.  We acknowledge this even as children when recognize, “Hey that’s not fair!”

Every society recognizes the need to punish or even rid itself, by imprisonment or even execution, of those who refuse to embrace the norms of right and wrong, for the protection of those who do. This is an aspect of the human condition, as  God created us. 

And as we are able, as adults, in honest self-evaluation, we come to recognize our own inability, failure, and inadequacy to measure up to our own internal understanding of fairness, justice, right and wrong.  (And His Righteousness is far beyond our own understanding!)

At this point, we may choose a new direction… we may choose to modify our old thinking, ‘I’m not really that bad, that guy does lots worse than me!” Or “Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, everybody does it.”

This thinking only leads to more wrongdoing, more sin, a continual decline in moral behavior.

The other path is the recognition that we need an external force, a strength beyond our own, a Savior!  Again, a choice… which savior?  Is it escapism, drugs, alcohol, self-righteousness, religion… are these a source of rescue? 

Only Jesus my friend, offers true freedom from sin’s stranglehold on our life, our soul.  No other option, thinking, or philosophy honestly offers its followers, Grace, Freedom, Peace, Eternal Joy, Eternal Life! 

When we believe IN Jesus, He makes us Right!

Only Jesus

Casting Crowns

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