Now he is found

Today’s Encouragement is Luke 15:24 NLT ‘for this son of mine was dead and has now returned to life. He was lost, but now he is found.’ So, the party began.

Now he is found –

Is it possible friends, that we – now – Already – are living in His home, in Our Father’s House?

This is the home we returned to from our days in the far country, and now, as restored sons and daughters; we, now, already, live in His house, in His kingdom.  Now, already!

Too often we feel (this is not a fact) like we come home to His embrace and His grace and then go out again that very night, after the celebration of our return, to a life of sin, only to return to Him every morning, hoping for Grace.

But the Truth is: we are adopted as His sons and daughters, His Grace is – now, already – extended to us. We live as His, already forgiven, beloved children!  This doesn’t mean we don’t sin or that He doesn’t forgive, but that the Truth now – for us as believers – is this:  we live Now, within His House, within His Grace.  We do not live in a state of continual repenting and begging for His forgiveness… He’s provided that for us… once and for all.  Now, already. 

We are not perfect.  But in His sight, my friends, we are, now, already, covered with Christ!  So, He sees only Christ’s sinless perfection when He looks at me. (Incredible as that is!)

Rather than living on this road, torn between turning from God to Sin then repentance, then Grace, and back to sin again… Is it possible that we now, already, live in His Home…? His Kingdom, where, as His child and by His sovereign election and undeserved grace, we live as His restored and adopted family, heirs with Christ, and in the freedom, health, abundant provision, and peace of our Gracious and Loving Father?

It seems only a matter of perspective, but what a glorious difference between these two concepts.

Father God grant us assurance of Your grace for us, once for all, bought by Jesus’ death and resurrection, already, done, and perfectly complete. It is finished.

No Longer Slaves

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2 thoughts on “Now he is found

  1. I have struggled with this concept, in addition to trying to earn God’s love. I love God’s timing and how he puts things together.

    I wrote this in my journal yesterday:
    Jesus sees me as a finished product. He sees how I was created to be and loves me. That’s why he died so I could be the finished product and that is why I can not achieve his love. It can’t be earned. If Satan hadn’t entered into the world we would be complete and even though we are not perfect when we walk in Jesus’ love we are seen as a finished product by God.


    1. Love this! Thank you Jody!!

      Rick DeFoore How can I pray with you? 325.307.8311

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