I will accept you

Today’s Encouragement is Ezekiel 43:27 NLT “On the eighth day, and on each day afterward, the priests will sacrifice on the altar the burnt offerings and peace offerings of the people. Then I will accept you. I, the Sovereign LORD, have spoken!”

I will accept you –

Under the Old Covenant we had to obey the law, and we had to offer appropriate sacrifices to pardon our sins in breaking His laws, which we all did because we are not able to completely keep His law.  But notice the result of our obedience in offering the sacrifice.  God says, ‘Then, after the sacrifice… I will accept you!’ 

Friends, Jesus’ sacrifice was once for all, eternal and perfect, complete, and final.  And as the intentional result of His perfect sacrifice… we who believe, who accept His Grace… are accepted by, and acceptable to God the Father. 

Not because of our obeying the law, or any sacrifice we might offer, but because we accept the sacrifice of Jesus as our own…. Jesus died for me and you! And now… we are acceptable to, accepted by God. 

We’re accepted – Not just when we are good!  Not because of what we do.  But only because we believe in Jesus!

Father thank You for accepting us. Your love and Your Grace are truly amazing.

Amazing Love


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