From death to life

Today’s Encouragement is John 5:24 [Jesus said] “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment but has passed from death to life.”

From death to life-

Hear and believe, and then pass from death to life. 

Is it possible that all people on this earth are dead, except those who hear and believe? Isn’t that what this passage says?

We believers have (already!) passed from death into Life, and Life Eternal.  Certainly, when we were not believers, our lives were spiritually dead, we breathed and ate and slept, but our existence was unremarkable otherwise, just like the thousands of ants on an anthill, we were one of the billions of insignificant ants on the anthill of this earth… until … just imagine… until we heard and believed!  Then the Light fills us, God’s Holy Spirit indwells us, and we become the salt and light of this earth! And He knows us!

My friends our future is secure… because we heard and believed… and now we, the salt and light, can help others to hear and believe as well… and move from death to life. 

This Life begins at the moment we believe, and never, never, ever will end.  We were once dead; yet Jesus has given us Life. 

Father God help us to embrace the eternal life You have provided, and allow us the privilege helping others to hear, and to believe!

My Testimony

Elevation Worship

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