Perfect Peace

Today’s Encouragement is Isaiah 26:3 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

Perfect Peace- 

It seems we don’t really believe that’s possible these days doesn’t it?… Perfect Peace?

There are so many reasons not to be at peace, we all have our own list, personal or global, physical or spiritual, private or public… innumerable reasons to Not be at peace. 

When we look around us, we ‘stay our mind on’ the challenges we face, the brevity of life, turmoil here and there, man’s inhumanity to man… any of these alone can engulf us in hopelessness and despair. 

But God provides His children another way!  Not by fixing all problems, not by making everything alright, not by miraculous intervention into our every need… but by offering us another way, a completely different perspective, a view beyond all the din of earthly noise…

Stay, fix, focus your mind on God our Father.  Consider His Truth, consider eternity with Him, consider His plans to bless you, consider that He has allowed mankind to choose how to live upon this created planet, consider that He sent His Son Jesus to demonstrate His Love for us and to provide the Way to be saved from all of this world’s decay. 

Father God may our minds be stayed on You, trusting in You alone, and may we dwell in Your Perfect Peace.

Peace in trusting the Lord

The Issacs

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