From the mouth of God

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 4:4 “But He [Jesus] answered, “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” 

From the mouth of God –

The Bible is a book, of course, but it is not like other books.  Other books we read and learn from and put aside. We’ve read it.   The Bible is not an instruction manual, not a book referred to occasionally in order to fix a problem or assist with maintaining something.

Friends the Bible is the very word of God.

This is the food we need; this is what sustains and nourishes us.

Like physical food, we also need regular servings of nourishment from God’s word. 

Nourishment sustains us, strengthens us, prepares us for the demands of life.  If my life is physically demanding I need a greater quantity and the appropriate nourishment to sustain me.  If my life is sedentary and without significant physical stress, I still need nourishment, but in smaller portions.  When life is stressful, we need more of God’s word to nourish our weakening, tired spirits.

Nourishment can help me to be healthy, prepared for life’s demands, healthy enough even to assist others.  Because I am nourished, I am useful to God and to others. 

Spiritual nourishment is very similar to physical nourishment.  All these comparisons apply. 

Are you spiritually strong or weak? The Bible contains the word of God which is the best spiritual nourishment possible. 

In churches where the Bible is ‘served’ we can go for a ‘feast’ of God’s Word, we can be spiritually nourished. 

We are among the privileged group of believers throughout time, who have the ability to read and have the easy, varied availability of God’s word at every hand.  “So that we are without excuse”.  With the access we have to Gods nourishing feast, we can be as spiritually fit, healthy, strong and even powerful… as ever has been possible! 

Word of God

Vertical Worship

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