As yet

Today’s Encouragement is John 20:9 “for as yet they did not understand the Scripture, that he must rise from the dead.”

As yet –

The disciples, though Jesus had clearly told them, didn’t “yet” understand that He was literally going to return to life from death.  They didn’t understand, not yet!

My friends, we too have ‘understanding yet to come’, some knowledge which, at this time, is beyond us, we do not “Yet” understand.  But recognizing this truth, and the key word “Yet” can be a source of contentment and comfort.  We just don’t get it… Yet!  Why is this… happening? Why is God allowing…? Why can’t I…?  We don’t know…Yet!

We want (expect?) to understand everything, always, and completely.  Even His disciples, even after years of His personal instruction, didn’t understand… not Yet! 

And for you and me, ‘Yet’ may not have fully arrived.  In truth, we will all leave this life full of unanswered questions.  However, “Yet” will then have passed, and there will be no more unanswered questions.  No more waiting for more information. No need for such.  No internal hunger for such. 

Father help us accept that we will always have unanswered questions, that we cannot grasp all that You have for us, Yet.  Grant us the peace to trust that You do have all answers, even to the questions we haven’t asked… not Yet.  And confidence that ‘We’ll understand it, all by and by’.

Farther Along

Johnny Cash

2 thoughts on “As yet

  1. Good one brother Rick, “his thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways” love your lessons


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