The all fled

Today’s Encouragement is Mark 14:50 “And they all left Him and fled.”

And fled –

When Jesus was arrested…
All… all of the disciples…
Left Jesus…
And Fled!

After 3 years with Him!
Hearing all His teaching,
Seeing all His Miracles,
Watching people come to follow Him and go away never returning,
Talking with Him,
Eating with Him,
Sleeping under the stars with Him,
Walking hundreds of miles with Him,
Seeing Him interact with Pharisees, lepers, Samaritans, beggars and crowds of thousands.
And still…
After all this time, training and preparation…


Even though they were totally afraid after all this time with Jesus, after the Holy Spirit came during Pentecost, they were NEVER afraid again, and boldly proclaimed Jesus as Lord!

Lord God, help us to be filled with your Holy Spirit so that we are unashamed of the Gospel, unashamed of You, and by Your power, completely unafraid!

Everything changed
Zach Williams

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